Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Engines II.

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Engines B-52. Conclusion!

Eight is better than four?

Further comment with regard to re-engining the B-52H bomber.

From conversation with an acknowledge aviation authority and thanks profusely to same:

"retrofit - - to replace existing parts, equipment, etc., with updated parts or systems".

"I like the simpler idea of replacing one-for-one rather than one-for-two, with the slightly more powerful thrust options of 18-20,000lbs substituting for today’s 17,000lbs while not overpowering a wing designed aerodynamically and structurally for the 17,000lb engines."

"Replacing two engines in each pod with one bigger, more powerful engine might indeed give more thrust, but would lead to weight and asymmetric thrust issues, plus the need to reroute the double fuel, electric, and hydraulics lines coming from the wings into each twin engine pod, requiring yet more redesign and and restructuring problems for the wings. Replacing the present eight engines with eight similar sized engines (to the current engines), albeit with a slightly improved thrust, would result in minimal wing strengthening problems and asymmetric thrust problems that have already been resolved by the present design. That latter proposal, coupled with no need to reroute/redesign the electrical, hydraulic, and fuel lines going into the pods would make it a more viable and feasible option"

"A pilot always likes a bit more thrust than the designers and manufacturers give us, but, as in the suggested larger engines, replacing two with one, there can be too much of a good thing"

WOW! And thank you acknowledged aviation authority. Without question your authority in such matters fully 100 % acknowledged! We are all the better for your insights!


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