Thursday, October 10, 2019


This is coolbert:

Consider this a must watch. TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP HIGH!

Israeli air defense in action. Rocket artillery as fired from Lebanon toward Israeli targets incoming rocket artillery intercepted and shot down by Phalanx. Rapid fire 20 mm cannon with awesome fire power radar guided and automated when switched on, beyond the control of human operators.

Phalanx in the U.S. Navy inventory for some time. Was not aware a ground-based version existed. Now getting a real-world combat test and found to be not wanting. Honestly, I am even surprised as to the almost overwhelming effectiveness of the system.

Daleks. Salt shakers at work. Watch and enjoy and thanks to the tip from Chuckie.

Rocket artillery rounds I believe of the Soviet era GRAD 122 mm variety or an Iranian knock-off. I guess the only consideration for the defender is not to run out of ammunition. A spectacle and an indication that American military innovation and engineering not lacking in the slightest.


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