Friday, October 18, 2019


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U.S. Army due for a major overhaul. According to the Russia media outlet Sputnik that is.

Major "overhaul" as has not occurred now in forty years or more? We have to rely on the  Russian Internet media for such reporting.

"US Army Embarks on 16-Year Modernization Program to Match ‘Pacing Threat’ Russia, China"

"The Army’s [USA] latest modernization strategy report revealed they will prioritize countering military developments in China and Russia, the US’ 'pacing threat,' as the branch begins a four-stage plan to become a multi-domain force by 2035.

From over forty years ago it was the concepts and doctrine of AirLand Battle [2000]. A means for NATO defense against a massive Soviet attack [doctrine as not totally confined to NATO also envisioning military operations in the Middle East and Korea employing the same weapons and doctrine].

AirLand to be successful in large measure based on the development and fielding of war-winning weaponry to include:

* Bradley vehicle.

* Abrams tank.

* Apache attack helicopter.

* Patriot air defense missile.

* MLRS. Multiple Launch Rocket System.

AirLand Battle and the weaponry as associated with same proving to be successful. Not only a deterrent against Soviet attack [Big Red moves west] but think also Gulf War I and the destruction of Saddam's army, an action accomplished with relative and surprising ease.

Details of this latest modernization not given but said to include and to concentrate on multi-domain warfare. Whatever that includes. Again the idea deterrence but also having a war-winning formula that combination of weapons and doctrine most vital and having been thought through well in advance.


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