Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Catastrophe & Disaster.

This is coolbert:

From that previous blog entry major warships while in port, docked and anchored, suffering catastrophic and disastrous spontaneous explosion NOT WHILE IN ACTION WITH AN ADVERSARY not such an uncommon event as we might expect.

Warships blown to bits, hors de combat with often enormous and near total loss of life. An ammunition powder magazine detonating for whatever reason, the result a horizontal blast within the ship of prodigious and epic magnitude, taking out all compartments from bow to stern.

Here with an index of those blog entries the topic of which was spontaneous and unexplained catastrophic explosions, taking the warship to the bottom with often near full complement, AND WHILE ANCHORED, IN SUPPOSED SAFE WATERS:.

Also with an index of submarine disasters quite recent in most cases. Fires, explosions and sinking of submarines again at dock, not sailing! MORE DANGER TO A SUBMARINE WHEN MOORED THAN WHEN ON PATROL:

Planet Houston we have a problem! Go figure it all out.


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