Monday, July 20, 2015

Planet Japan.

This is coolbert:

My take on the comic "Planet of the Jap" by the Japanese illustrator Maruo Suehiro.

Those original illustrations seen starting here. All excerpts thanks to Maruo.

"Planet of the Jap by Maruo Suehiro"

"After their unprecedented declaration of war, Japanese troops continued to attack successfully."

"Nobody could beat the Japanese troops."

"Exhausted American soldiers, drained of all their fighting spirit."

"Chicago under attack." [this is a Chinese city under aerial saturation bombardment.]

"The evacuation of the masses." [these are Japanese-Americans being sent to an internment camp.]

"At long last England and America have fallen!!"

"On August 6, 1945, the Japanese military dropped an atomic bomb on Los Angeles." [this is an image of the actual atomic detonation at Nagasaki.]

"In the allied country of Germany, Hirohito's Youth are marching in Berlin."

"On August 15, 1945, the U.S. of A. unconditionally surrendered. Japan was victorious."

"The Statue of Liberty is now just an ugly woman attacked by the plague.  Hurrah death and destruction" [dystopian or apocalyptic imagery often shows the Statue of Liberty as ruined or damaged an indication of a defeated and obliterated United States]

This alternative history is high speculative and for the most part without foundation?

The Japanese NEVER intended the war in the Pacific to last much longer than year.

One year of combat followed by a negotiated settlement favorable to the Japanese.

Japanese rule, domination and hegemony in the Pacific and Asia unquestioned and without rival!!

The allied powers of Great Britain, the United States and Holland acquiescing to Japanese military might, but hardly a march across North America and destruction of American cities with the atomic bomb.

But then it is alternative history comic book style, isn't it? And thank you Maruo.


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