Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This is coolbert:

From the Swedish Expressen Internet web site we have the details of the newly located foreign midget submarine in Swedish waters. NOT WHAT I HAD THOUGHT IT WAS!

From the original Swedish article and translation thanks to Bing.

"Främmande ubåt hittad i svenskt vatten"

"Foreign submarine found in Swedish waters"

 This is Russian World War One Catfish class submarine. Evidently what has been found by the Swedes.

"Ubåten som hittats på svenskt vatten har sannolikt legat under havsytan i 99 år. Per Andersson, tidigare medlem i ubåtsanalysgruppen, tror sig vara säker på att det är en rysk Catfish-ubåt som sjönk i Östersjön 1916. – Jag känner mig väldigt säker på att det är en Catfish. Det stämmer bra överens med detaljerna på ubåten, säger han."

One more image of the Catfish. Sweden during the Great War a neutral. That Russian sub in Swedish waters for what reason then?

"The submarine found in Swedish waters has likely been below sea level in 99 years. Per Andersson, former member of submarine analysis group, believes himself to be sure it is a Catfish-submarine that sank in the Baltic in 1916.  'I feel very confident that there is a Catfish. It is true with the details of the submarine,' he said"

Swedish submarine hysteria even existing from the time of the Great War then we can surmise?


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