Thursday, July 9, 2015


This is coolbert:

The future of weaponry is NOW!

The Australian military adopting as standard an assault rifle of the science-fiction genre but not so science fiction. This is the EF88/F90.

1. "Australia ready to sign EF88 Austeyr rifle contract"

Bull-pup design. This image show the basic weapon without the magazine or sights. Has the integral 40 mm grenade launcher.

2. "Thales EF88 / F90 assault rifle (Australia)"

The rifle with sights and magazine. That rail, MilStd mount allows for a variety of sights to be used with the weapon, task tailored for the individual troop and mission..

"Basic sighting is provided by Trijicon ACOG optical sights with 1.5X or 3.5X magnification, although sights can be easily changed, thanks to MilStd mounts."

Is that a bayonet lug that I see just to the rear of the muzzle and flash suppressor? I might hope. What rifle would be complete without the option of using the bayonet?


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