Friday, July 31, 2015


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Dog eat dog!

From Business Insider and according to the investment guru Jeremy Grantham those perceived threats to world stability. Ruination of the existing world order with calamitous results for everyone.

"GRANTHAM: I can't stop thinking about these 10 threats that could potentially ruin the world"

"In his latest quarterly letter to clients, GMO's Jeremy Grantham has a concise list of 10 things that, he writes, 'can all be viewed as problems: potential threats to our well-being.'"

Those 10 topics of doom:

1. "Pressure on GDP growth in the US and the balance of the developed world."
2. "The age of plentiful, cheap resources is gone forever."
3. "Oil."
4. "Climate problems."
5. "Global food shortages."
6. "Income inequality."
7. "Trying to understand deficiencies in democracy and capitalism."
8. "Deficiencies in the Fed." [American Federal Reserve System]
9. "Investment bubbles in a world that is, this time, interestingly different."
10. "Limitations of homo sapiens."

NOT an obliteration of the world order but an obliteration of the world order as we know it. From economic factors that will spiral out of control in an uncontrollable and unanticipated manner.

NO mention of a cataclysmic natural event such as a comet or asteroid impact on the planet Earth or the eruption of a super-volcano. OR a global pandemic of extraordinary and overwhelming proportions [the Black Death for instance]. Global thermonuclear war also not mentioned!

Mr. Grantham an economist [?] so his priorities and protocols always from the economic perspective.

Read additional regarding those factors of doom as outline by Mr. Grantham.


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