Saturday, July 18, 2015

Horse & Tank.

This is coolbert:

From Freeper we have the headline that while factually correct is somewhat misleading:

"Leading The Charge: Twice As Many Horses As Tanks In British Army"

"Amid ongoing changes to the British Army under the banner of austerity, the bemusing statistic of four-legged firepower outweighing the heavy metal variety persists."

The inventory of horses assigned to the British army is greater than  the number of main battle tanks!!

According to  Conservative Defence Minister Lord Astor:

“'The Army currently has 485 horses, serving in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, the Household Division and at the Defence Animal Centre.'"

. . . .

“The total number of Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks is 227.”

. . . .

"as well as the 227 main battle tanks, another 141 'Challenger variants are also in service'."

Those horses one and all for CEREMONIAL PURPOSES ONLY! NOT cavalry combat arms troops.

This is Household Cavalry. Ceremonial personnel and mounts used for pageantry only! NOT combat troops. That is probably a dull edge on that sword.

This is a Challenger 2 tank. This is a combat arms vehicle and can kill you. Challenger NOT for ceremonial purposes and pageantry. The main round as fired is not DULL!

I hope all devoted readers to the blog understand the difference between the tank and the horse?

The former is for killing and the latter is for fun!


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