Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tu-95 & B-52.

This is coolbert:

Regarding those long-range strategic bomber aircraft as designed in the years immediately subsequent to the end of the Second World War the comments of an acknowledged aviation expert:

"The Tu-95 [Soviet] has its flaws related to the time and era. The B-52 [American] had five major flaws (coming from the same time frame): 1. The controls were not hydraulically boosted. 2. Manual fuel systems. 3. No autopilot. 4. No fuel dump system. 5. No ergonomic cockpits/panel layouts."

A good plan [project] now is better than a perfect plan [project] tomorrow! AND WE NEED IT [LONG-RANGE MANNED BOMBER] NOW WAS THE ATTITUDE OF SAC AND SOVIET LONG RANGE AVIATION!


Also that Tu-95 having a civilian version with a most outstanding safety record. This was the Tu-114:

"In 14 years of civilian service, the Tu-114 was reported to have a high level of safety and reliability. The Tu-114 carried over six million passengers before being replaced . . . Some 32 aircraft were built . . .  in the early 1960s."

"During its service life the Tu-114 gained an enviable safety record (probably unmatched for its era) with only one fatal (but non-airborne) accident."


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