Friday, January 2, 2015


This is coolbert:

From the Lew Rockwell blog some acerbic comments regarding universal conscription. Also known in America AS THE MILITARY DRAFT! An institution now the practice of which has not been the case for over forty years. But often debated and given consideration from various quarters.

1. "Dana Milbank Hearts’ the Slavery of Mandatory 'National Service'

"Dana Milbank of the Washington Post despises the younger generation for failing to serve the state as much as he thinks they should.  He calls them slackers and applauds various retired generals/defense contractor gangsters who would like to enslave [conscript] at least a million new high school grads per year . . . He repeats the asinine notion announced by Obama that 'we' are the government by equating 'serving your country' with serving government and calls it 'national service.'”

2. "Bring Back the Draft"

"Argues Joseph Epstein in The Atlantic. He was drafted during the Cold War and never saw combat. 'Under the draft, the American social fabric would change—and, judging from my experience, for the better,' says Epstein. He says that he never felt 'more American' than when he was in the Army . . .  'The reinstitution of the draft would make our country’s participation in this lengthy struggle not merely more just but possibly more efficient, by conscripting better-educated young people. It is time, I would argue, for a serious consideration of returning to compulsory military service in America.'”

Whatever you want to call it, universal conscription, national service, the draft, etc., DON'T EXPECT SUCH A MEASURE TO BE ADOPTED ANY TIME SOON IF EVER.

For three reasons as are intuitively obvious to even the most casual of observers:

* The military does not want it.

* The Congress does not want it.

* The American people do not want it.

Need any other reasons? I don't think so!


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