Friday, January 9, 2015

Big Red.

This is coolbert:

I thought this was all over and done with from one month ago. But I guess not.

As seen at the Daily Mail: More submarine hysteria and an admission of a "gaping chasm", a total lack of the Royal Navy [RN] possessing even an adequate type of anti-submarine warfare gear or capability. At the mercy of the adversary.

"The Hunt for Red October: Ministry of Defence forced to ask US for help in search for Russian submarine thought to be lurking off North Atlantic coast"

    * "American P3 Orion planes deployed this week on trail of mystery vessel"
    * "Aircraft carrying out patrols alongside Royal Navy Frigate, HMS Somerset"
    * "Sighting said to be linked to Vanguard submarine's exit from Faslane base"
    * "Experts say planes bridge 'gaping chasm' in UK anti-submarine capability"
    * "RAF scrapped Nimrod in 2010, amid warning it would weaken UK defences"

British Vanguard class submarine at this very moment on a routine mission and BEING STALKED BY BIG RED!

British allies need help and U.S. obliges. Good to go chaps.


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