Saturday, June 30, 2018


This is coolbert:

Devoted readers to the blog will understand I was onto this image instantly with a story to tell!

Goya, Manet, Picasso. Add to the list Unknown!

Esteemed and world-famous artists their illustrations of a military execution as carried out by firing squad all having a similar form.

Here with yet one more example:

1 July 1916, Fusillade. Execution of mutinous Italian alpine troops [Alpini] during the Great War. ARTIST UNKNOWN! "Objective to punish mutinies, rebellions or acts of cowardice within the Royal [Italian] Army". Some devoted reader to the blog knows the name of the artist?

Based on a historical event:

"The Decimation of Cercivento, also known as The Rifles of Cercivento . . . identifies the decimation of an entire platoon composed of eighty Alpini of the 8th Regiment belonging to the 109th Company of the Battalion Monte Arvenis then operating on Monte Cellon, near the Monte Croce Carnico pass, accused by [the] Company Commander, Captain Armando Ciofi and his deputy Lieutenant Pietro Pasinetti, of insubordination and rebellion."


The Italian Army during the Great War [WW1] infamous for the application of harsh and unremitting discipline, often draconian in nature.


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