Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mob II.

This is coolbert:


Herewith comments of an acknowledge military authority the topic of which is the mobilization process as was the case in those days just prior to the commencement of hostilities, The Great War [WW1]: 

"Yes, all mob [mobilization] plans, once started, could not be undone. Most countries’ plans had no where to keep the huge masses of men; they were assigned road routes right up to the border. No nation could ignore entire armies standing spring-loaded along its borders in an invasion posture, unless it had its own maximum number of troops there, ready to resist or counter invade in another location. Many mob plans included a swift move into invasion, as there were only plans to feed, equip, and shelter men already moving into battle inside the enemy’s area. As German soldiers debarked from trains to their mob stations on the border, they were pushed forward by the mass of troops unloading just behind them. One Belgian citizen reported seeing German soldiers march on the street by his house by the tens of thousands per hour, somewhere well inside his country for ten hours straight without break, none of whom had seen combat yet. A huge grey river of humanity."

"How, indeed, do you stop that clock. No country had any option but to mobilize its own masses in response, often with their own invasion plans at the same time. Or, if not mobilized, have it’s politicians talk to an enemy whose Army-led diplomats already knew they were holding a gun pointed across the table at an enemy who came empty handed. You can’t bluff a man in poker where you and your opponent know he has four aces and you have nothing, not even a pair of deuces. The only discussion will be how much you will pay him to feed and clothe his troops in your house. And where to stack your army’s rifles for the enemy to pick up."


And thank you acknowledged military authority.


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