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Bill Slim. Viscount Slim of the Arakan.

More on the famous British general officer from the era of the Second World War [WW2].

Extracts with commentary from the "The Reader's Companion to Military History" and thanks in measure to the article by Williamson Murray.

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Operational plans [OPLAN] of the British Fourteenth Army in Burma as mandated by Slim to incorporate in all instances:

1. "The ultimate intention must be for an offensive one."

2. "The main idea on which the plan is based must be simple."

3. "That idea must be held in view throughout and everything must give way to it."

4. "The plan must have an element of surprise."

Imphal and Kohima excellent examples of the strategic defensive of which Slim as was Wellington before him a master.  Strategy offense - - tactics defense.

"The attack of a position is becoming notably more difficult than its defense. The defensive during the first phase of battle offers a decisive superiority. The task of a skillful offensive will consist of forcing our foe to attack a position chosen by us, and only when casualties, demoralization, and exhaustion have drained his strength will we ourselves take up the tactical offensive.... Our strategy must be offensive, our tactics defensive."  - - Von Moltke [the Elder]

This also regarding Bill Slim:

"His memoirs rank with those of Ulysses S. Grant as one of the few honest testaments to the profession of arms by a great general."


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