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Here with a critique and key points: "Lessons from the Punjab Campaign".

As extracted from the South Asian Terrorism Portal and thanks to same!

The Punjab insurgency a rebellion by Sikh separatists seeking an independent nation. Defeat of the ten-year long insurgency due to a variety of factors.

SF = Security Forces. COIN - Counter-Insurgency.

"Secrets of COIN Success Lessons from the Punjab Campaign"

By Anant Mathur

 "The Punjab campaign stands out among the most recent, successful and victorious COIN campaigns in the world. This was largely made possible by a coherent grand strategy and tactical innovations on the ground. This campaign provides interesting lessons that are applicable to all COIN campaigns."

* "First, the importance of promoting an anti-insurgency leader needs greater emphasis than observed in available COIN theories."

* "Secondly, it is essential that Governments must demonstrate the resolve for a political solution of the conflict only from a position of strength."

* "Thirdly, election of insurgents for constitutional posts creates even bigger problems for the COIN campaign."

* "Fourthly, COIN campaigns are inherently labour intensive."

* "Fifthly, cutting-edge technology has a limited role to play in COIN campaigns."

* "Sixthly, the insurgency’s sympathizers in the SFs should be handled sensitively."

* "Seventhly, the COIN campaign should focus on the leaders and ideologues of the insurgency."

* "Eighthly, external help to the insurgency must be stifled using all instruments of state power."

* "Lastly, the campaign must develop specific measures of effectiveness to gauge the level of popular support."

The security forces [SF] of India perhaps the most experienced and adept in the world when it comes to counter-insurgency operations, at both the practical and theoretical level.


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