Monday, June 11, 2018


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Thanks in part here to the "The Reader's Companion to Military History"as edited by Cowley and Parker an extract from the entry by William McNeill with my commentary.

Consider the Chinese combat commander Ch'i Chi-kuang a leader at least an equal to Napoleon and even beyond that!

Ch'i Chi-kuang. Chinese general. 1527-1587.

"Ch'i Chi-Kuang initiated reforms of tactics and training that allowed Chinese troops to move safely across the steppe lands of East Asian and use their superior numbers to defeat nomad horsemen decisively and permanently in ensuing decades."

Training and tactics to include:

* Incessant drill.
* Cart divisions.

Read of the Chinese "cart divisions" their organization and how employed in combat.

"The Chinese state as we know it today thus came into existence, largely on the strength of the improvement in tactics and training that General Ch'i instituted."

As to Ch'i at least an equal to Napoleon and perhaps even more proficient and successful as a combat commander add defeat of the wokou pirates as an additional big plus to the impressive resume of General Ch'i.

Ch'i a combat commander and practitioner of the operational art again at least an equal to a Napoleon?  You the devoted reader to the blog decide for yourself.


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