Wednesday, June 27, 2018

UAV Libya.

This is coolbert:

NOT ever heard any of this before!

Air war Libya! Ongoing and for nearly six full years now. NONE of which has ever been reported?

Thanks to the article by David Axe, courtesy the Daily Beast and MSN:

"The Escalating Air War No One Is Watching"

"A complex air war over Libya has killed hundreds of innocent civilians, and possibly many more, since the U.S.-led NATO intervention in the North African state began in 2011. And almost no one outside of the war-torn country has even noticed. The U.S. government, for its part, increasingly seems to prefer it that way."

"Manned warplanes and drones from four foreign countries and various Libyan factions conducted at least 2,158 air strikes between September 2012 and mid-June 2018, according to a new report from the Washington D.C. based New America Foundation and, an air-strike-tracking project affiliated with the University of London."

Air war Libya conducted primarily it seems by drone, armed and otherwise.

Air war Libya as fought by various Libyan warring factions and foreign interventionists.

Air war Libya numbers of sorties slightly more than one per day for a prolonged period. Deaths due to air strikes too probably less than the number of persons killed in Libyan road accidents during the same period.

I guess it isn't all so bad. Unless the Hellfire missile is aimed at you.


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