Saturday, June 9, 2018


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Valmy not listed as one of: "The Ten Most Important Land Battles." but perhaps it should be.

Before there was Napoleon there was Dumouriez and Kellermann [the Elder].

"The Battle of Valmy, 20 September 1792, was the first major battle of the War of the First Coalition, and saved the infant French Republic from early destruction. French victorious over the coalition forces of Austria and Prussia. Efforts to restore a French monarchy by the coalition in vain.

NO French victory at Valmy and NO French Republic. NO French Republic, NO Napoleon. NO Napoleon or French Republic and modern European history and indeed world history irrevocably changed.

"The new commanders arrived in mid August. On 16 August General Charles Fran├žois Dumouriez took command of the Army of the North, while on 27 August General Fran├žois Etienne Christophe Kellermann [Kellermann the Elder] took over the Army of the Centre. The two French armies were made up of soldiers from the old Royal army, with a sprinkling of volunteers. At Valmy it would be the experienced Royal artillery that would win the day."

"The battle of Valmy ensured the continuation of the French Revolution."

You need not say anymore!

The Austrian and Prussian in coalition. Warfare by coalition difficult at best.

Kellermann at Valmy the father of the famous Kellermann of the Napoleonic era, the two not to be confused.


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