Thursday, March 15, 2018


This is coolbert:

Before there was Korshun there was Reys and before there was Reys there was Yastreb!

Yet one more Russian very advanced and unstoppable weapon system for the American military to contend with? Thanks to Sputnik:

"Russian Military Developing Long-Range Supersonic Missile-Lobbing Drone"

"Designed to infiltrate far into an enemy's territory, the new system will carry both guided and unguided munitions."

"Development work is currently underway on a long-range unmanned system capable of carrying out unmanned low-altitude supersonic flights, and striking both stationary and mobile targets at operational-strategic depth"

Tu-123 drone. Yastreb. Reputedly only two prototypes ever built and only one ever flown. This is the drone so highly touted by the Soviet era defector Suvorov. Was supposed to have supersonic speed and long-range. Suvorov described this as a rocket-plane. More of a cruise missile with booster rockets for take-off.

Tu-143 Reys drone. Was operational, seen combat service and additionally recoverable.

Tu-300 Korshun. Based on an older design not fully developed but now resurrected. Unmanned, low-flying, supersonic, long-range, can deliver munitions. Merely an improved model of the Tu-143 Reys?

Yet one more view of Korshun. Thanks to the image from Pacman.

All of a sudden out of almost nowhere all sorts of super-advanced brand-new Russian weapons now in the Kremlin inventory. Is this the proverbial Potemkin Village or what? Back during the Soviet era such munitions would be classified the mere existence of which would be a closely guarded secret.


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