Monday, March 19, 2018


This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune Sunday edition NATION AND WORLD. WTO = World Trade Organization.

"Trump tariffs may threaten WTO"

"Other nations may use security rule to skirt trade system" thanks to the article by Don Lee"

"WASHINGTON - - By justifying sweeping tariffs on imported metals in the name of national security President Donald Trump has lobbed what could be a grenade into the global trading order."

"The Trump administration justified the tariffs - - 25 percent on foreign steel and 10 percent on aluminum on the basis that imported metals presented a threat to the country's ability to domestically produce what is needed for the military, invoking a rarely used national security provision of 1962 U.S. trade law."

The famous economist Adam Smith stating that free trade beneficial, needing to be encouraged in all circumstances but save two! One of those two exceptions being national defense. A basic requirement of any nation/state being an ability to produce armaments without being reliant of foreign producers.

That production mine-resistant personnel carriers [MRAP] during the period of insurgency in Iraq stymied by  a total lack of American steel fabricators to produce the type of armor plate as needed. A situation a remedy found belatedly but not without controversy.


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