Thursday, March 29, 2018


This is coolbert:

“It is wrong when servicemen in military units claim that their favorite drink is Coca Cola and their favorite candy is Snickers"

You are what you eat!

Sugar, salt, fat.

The modern diet as consumed by so many persons in the developed world.

Even the Russian military man. And as perceived to their detriment.

A situation to be remedied? Thanks to the Russian media outlet Russian Times [RT].

"Not fit for service: Russian military set to boot Coca Cola and Snickers bars off bases"

"Russian soldiers are set to lose access to Coca Cola and Snickers bars at canteens and vending machines installed at bases, says a representative from a state contractor."

An unhealthy diet high in sugar, salt, fat not conducive to good health. The overall physical fitness and preparedness of the military man in particular impaired.

Obesity and even morbid obesity a serious health problem and now a world wide phenomenon. Consider also a phenomenon NOT confined to the United States.

Nothing wrong per se with Coca-Cola or Snickers. Over consumption bad and this is intuitive.

Brown whole-wheat bread si, Coca-Cola no!


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