Tuesday, March 20, 2018


This is coolbert:

Before there was Astute there was Tireless?

HMS Tireless a hard-luck ship? One problem, two problem, a whole bunch of problem?

Faulty and poorly maintained oxygen candles not solely a matter of concern?

"HMS Tireless [S88] was one of seven Trafalgar Class submarines launched in 1984.

"In May 2000 the 130-strong crew found themselves at the centre of an intense political and environmental row when it was forced to spend 12 months in Gibraltar for repairs. The Spanish feared damage to its nuclear reactor cooling system could pose dangers to the locals."

"HMS Tireless [S88] was the third Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine of the Royal Navy . . . The vessel experienced a number of serious accidents during its operational life."

As was Tireless so is Astute? Astute found not to be able to achieve maximum speed as was designed. Then the vessel [Astute] ran aground. Then the mass shooting inside the warship [Astute] by a disgruntled or deranged sailor. Too many problems and as perceived suffering from hard luck?


American nuclear submarines do not think [or as for anyone else] totally perfect without flaw. One patrol may generate as many as forty work orders, condition Amber [not deadlined] in most cases.

In brief, consider the most complicated things made by mankind are complicated.


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