Sunday, September 3, 2017


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Hezbollah moves east?

Came across this quite by accident. From the DEBKAfile a new de facto border between Syria and Lebanon has been established.

This is what all the recent fighting in and around the Qalamoun mountains have been all about?

Read all recent blog entries the subject that combat as occurring the vicinity of the Qalamoun mountains:

Courtesy of the DEBKAfile this map shows how in a de facto manner the border between Lebanon and Syria has moved [the red line the new border] apparently to the east of the Qalamoun mountains. Historically that area as controlled by Hezbollah [state within a state] as ceded to those allied with Assad. The noted blogger Spengler of the opinion that the DEBKAfile totally unreliable under all circumstances. I am not sure about that. Click on image to see an enlarged view.

NO where else in the main-stream-media will you find any of this covered or reported on. At that much we understand. Whatever the case thank you DEBKAfile.


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