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Suicide as a weapon of war by the Japanese not strictly confied to the kamikaze missions of the Second World War and that period 1944/1945?

Suicide by ground forces of the Imperial Japanese Army [IJA] an institutionalized measure observed as early as 1939. Entire units devoted to giving their lives in reckless and "suicidal" charges.

EVEN as was the case at Nomonhan [1939]. Soviet versus IJA. also called Khalkin Gol.

See this particular You Tube video, events as portrayed very realistic. Be prepared for blood and gore in the extreme.

"Japanese Infantry VS Russian Armour Unit"

NOW for the rest of the story. Thanks to the article by Timothy Neeno and the Internet web site we have the particulars.

"Nomonhan: The Second Russo-Japanese War" by Timothy Neeno, M.A.

"The Japanese themselves launched a counter attack to try to hold onto their gains, but the Japanese anti-tank weapons were not adequate against Soviet armor. The Japanese, in desperation, resorted to suicide attacks with squads of men hurling satchel charges and Molotov cocktails, but they could not stop the Soviet onslaught."

"The Japanese fought back with desperate courage. One Japanese regimental commander burnt his colors and committed seppuku, rather than surrender. Another died in a last, fanatic banzai charge against oncoming Russian armor."

Trucks with drums of gasoline attached to the front of the vehicle ramming on-coming Soviet tanks [T-26]. Personnel a-foot unarmed EXCEPT for satchel charges strapped to their chests detonating the explosive as a Soviet tank passes over them. Grim!!

Events as transpired in the film probably quite accurate. Cinematography also good!!


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