Wednesday, September 13, 2017


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The Big Hurt!

Air power in the strategic sense as conceived by military theoreticians possessing of itself a war-winning potentiality!

"Vital centers' as defined and as to be attacked by strategic combat aerial assets the destruction of which can be decisive during wartime, those "vital center" to include POWER PRODUCTION facilities.

Strategic aerial bombardment and destruction of "vital centers" essential to your adversary the concept of which was originally envisioned by the Italian Giulio Douhet.

"Giulio Douhet was one of the world’s most important early air power strategists."

"Douhet believed in the morale effects of bombing. Air power [missiles] could break a people's will by destroying a country's 'vital centers' . . . aircraft [missiles] could overfly them and attack these centers of the government, military and industry with impunity, . . . Targeting was central to this strategy and he believed that air commanders would prove themselves by their choice of targets. . . . Douhet identified the five basic target types as: industry, transport infrastructure, communications, government and 'the will of the people'"

"The number of key production targets in even a large state is reasonably small and all the targets n key such as POWER PRODUCTION and petroleum refining are fragile . . . Unless the stakes in the war are very high, most states will make concession when their POWER GENERATION SYSTEM  is put under sufficient pressure or actually destroyed"- - John Warden

 "Bombing to Win: Air Power and Coercion in War"

"John Warden has been called 'the leading air power theorist in the U.S. Air Force in the second half of the twentieth century'. He has also been called 'one of the most creative airmen of our times. John Warden is not just a creative airman; he is one of America's premier strategic thinkers'".

"Anticipate the change in the character of war". Cyber-warfare for instance? More on this later.


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