Tuesday, September 12, 2017

J.R. Korea.

This is coolbert:

With a lot of hindsight and in retrospective but absolutely germane to the current North Korean crisis consider this commentary by J.R. Mooneyham dated as of 5-31-09:

"Obama's possible North Korea surprise-- and overreach"

"I suspect Obama may prove much more aggressive than anyone expected on North Korea [NK]. He'll seem the opposite, right up to a certain point-- then he'll suddenly go all in. He might think (or be talked into thinking) that the US military could with a massive surprise strike knock out NK's nuclear weapons capability AND its massive conventional strike capability in a matter of days (firstly by disabling all electricity production and communications within just one hour or so-- maybe without the noise and drama of conventional bombing)."

"What followed would be a joint invasion of North Korea by both South Korean [SK] and US forces in a 'mop up' exercise (assuming the early strikes achieve their goals)."

"The main sticking point here (beyond the obvious and huge military gamble) would be China. But China might just be ready for a newly unified Korea, and to rid itself of the myriad of problems posed by the continuing existence of the old NK dynasty."

"Especially if one consequence was a complete pullout of US troops from Korea soon afterwards."

"If somehow Obama could plan all this with the full cooperation of SK, Japan, and China, it might just work. But it'd be one of the biggest gambles taken by a US President in decades. If he tried and failed, it could be catastrophic for SK-- and maybe hurt Japan significantly too."

An attack on North Korea is fraught with great danger. But so is allowing the status quo to continue. A regional war with the players being China/North Korea/Japan/United States as participants with all  that will mean as a calamity for the entire planet of major proportions.



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