Monday, September 11, 2017


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An item extracted from Russian Times [RT]. Russian icebreakers having dual purpose in time of war!

"Icebreaker, armed merchant, mobile nuke plant: Russia decides to retire iconic Arctic ship (PHOTOS)"

From the RT article and from my perspective two items of interest:

Icebreakers of the Arktika class can function as an electric power station when connected to an on-shore power grid!

"In addition to traditional ice breaking duties, she served at one time as an experimental floating nuclear power plant. In March 2002, the Sovetsky Soyuz, which was moored in Murmansk port at the time, was connected with a power line to cranes on the shore."

Icebreakers  of the Arktika class have an embedded armed capability in time of war. The armed merchantman. A throw-back to times of yore!

"Among the six Arktika-class icebreakers, two, including the Sovetsky Soyuz, were designed to be quickly retrofitted into an armed merchant. The ship, for instance, has a radar station on board, which would target cannon fire if a turret is mounted on it. This was never required, however."

That Artika class also having an organic aviation element [rotary wing]. Helicopters in time of war such as the Hormone-class allowing for an anti-submarine-warfare [ASW] capability.

Also possessing [?] an underwater compartment that can be used again in time of war or crisis by naval spetsnaz combat swimmers? That too?

That Arktika class of icebreaker to be decommissioned but replaced by new and more advanced designs.


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