Sunday, September 24, 2017


This is coolbert:

I found this to be mildly surprising. Hmong hill-tribesmen, people from Laos, having fought first for the French and then the Americans during both Indo-China Wars, having found refuge and evidently prospering in South America.

FSAALE.  Federation of Foreign Legion Alumni Societies.

3 REI Legion-Etrangere. French Foreign Legion Third Infantry Regiment, French Guyana.

Commemorative ceremony honoring Hmong that fought and died with the French Union troops during the First Indo-China War.

"On June 26, 2017 at 11:00 am, the inauguration of the memorial to the Hmong fallen in Indochina between 1945-54 in the service of France took place in the village of Javouhey."

"The Hmongs of the community of French Guiana have been mainly present in Cacao and Javouhey for forty years. They are the main fruit and vegetable producers in the department. They were gathered on 26 June to honor their forefathers who had died for France."

"At that ceremony, the Vice-Prefect of Guyana, Claude VO DINH, and General-General Pierre-Jean DUPONT, armed forces in Guyana."

"The Legion was represented by a picket [guards] from a section of the 2nd Foreign Engineer Regiment currently on a short-term mission to French Guiana."

"The Amicale des Anciens of the Foreign Legion Guyana, in the person of its president and its flag bearer, wanted to witness this important moment, grateful to the People [Hmong]."

Nous n'oublions pas!


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