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From Dr. Sang a perspective of the Second Indo-China War courtesy "The Royal New Zealand Artillery Association (Inc)" Internet web site.

"Preview of new US PBS Vietnam War documentary TV series being screened in the US from this week."

"The preview is by Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Sang, a Vietnamese doctor who served with the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces[ARVN].

RVN = Republic of Vietnam [South Vietnam]. ARVN = Army of Vietnam [South Vietnam].

"To me [Dr. Sang], in order to determine who won and who lost the war, one needs to answer three fundamental questions: (1) What was the goals of the involved parties. (2) What price did they have to pay? (3) The overall assessment of the war."

A. Goals of Involved Parties

1. "According to the Pentagon Papers . . . the US got involved in the Vietnam War was to encompass Communist China, which was the ruse for the US containment strategy at the time."

2. "The North Vietnam’s goal was to 'liberate' South Vietnam by force and to use it as a springboard to spread International Communism throughout Southeast Asia, statement represented the true mission of the Communist leaders."

3. "On the contrary, the goal of the South Vietnamese leaders was to defend the country’s independence and sovereignty."

B. Casualties

1. "US casualties included 58,307 KIAs, 1948 MIAs, 303,604 WIAs, and$168 billion spent ($1,020 billion according to some other estimate) for the war."

2. "The NVA casualties included 950,765 killed in action, nearly 600,000 wounded, and an estimated 300,000 missing in action."

3. "The Republic of Vietnam’s casualties included 275,000 soldiers killed in action and about 1,170,000 wounded."


1. "From these observations, I [Dr. Sang] concluded that the United States was the winner because she had achieved the strategic goal of containing Communist China,"

2. "From the same observations, I [Dr. Sang] told the audience that North Vietnam was definitely the loser. attempt to help China subvert the whole Southeast Asia had failed."

3. "The Republic of Vietnam was the loser because it had surrendered unconditionally on April 30, 1975."

4. "In conclusion, I [Dr. Sang] told the audience that both North and South Vietnamese people were the losers."

Devoted readers to the blog draw your own conclusions based on YOUR perspective.


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