Tuesday, September 5, 2017


This is coolbert:

From Harry at Sharkhunters and the tip from L.K we have this item:

"'RUM-RUNNING U-BOATS' - - Just when we think the Lame-stream Media can't be any further from sanity, they prove us wrong. We will  not go into the text of the story that ran in something called 'Atlas Obscura' but the headline tells it all"

"'Did German U-Boats Smuggle Alcohol into the U.S. During Prohibition?'"

"The article goes on to state that a certain photo proves that they did. They state that German U-Boats were running from the west coast of Canada to bring alcohol to Seattle and California ports. Does anyone really believe this lunacy?"

1. "Prohibition against alcohol in US ran from 1920 to 1933 - - two years after the war."

2. "All German U-Boats were destroyed or handed to victorious Allies at the end of WW1."

3. "There were NO German U-Boats off the west coast of the USA."

German submarine from the era of World War One. Space inside very limited. That capacity to carry additional cargo I also might think very limited.

My instantaneous thought regarding this matter was that even if such smuggling attempts using U-Boats were made, the value of the contraband would be greatly outweighed by the cost of the mission itself. It would not be profitable. The German always makes for a bad-guy!


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