Tuesday, September 12, 2017


This is coolbert:

"Global climate change is a very real challenge, and will undoubtedly have significant conflict and security consequences, but there is no good evidence that this is what was going on in this case. It is vital that experts, commentators and policymakers resist the temptation to make exaggerated claims about the conflict implications of climate change. Overblown claims not based on rigorous science only risk fueling climate skepticism." - -  Professor Jan Selby

 The Syrian Civil War has been caused by man-made global climate change [warming]??

My instantaneous reaction to this item is that such a thing would even be suggested is PREPOSTEROUS in the EXTREME!!

Thanks to the tip from Jungle Trade and as seen originally here:

"Syria's Civil War"

"A new study, published today in the journal Political Geography, shows that there is no sound evidence that global climate change was a factor in causing the Syrian civil war"

. . . .

  "'Our paper finds that there is no sound evidence that global climate change was a factor in sparking the Syrian civil war. Indeed, it is extraordinary that this claim has become so widely accepted when the scientific evidence for it is so thin.'" - - Professor Jan Selby

  "Many aspects of Syria before and after March 2011 are widely accepted as fact despite little evidence. The climate change thesis is one of them, endlessly repeated without being properly interrogated." - - Omar Dahi.

"Endlessly repeated"! "No sound evidence"! "Extraordinary"! There you have it. IN the nutshell!

People believe what they want to believe!


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