Friday, September 1, 2017


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1967 deja vu all over again?

From the Professor Victor Davis Hanson Internet web site some speculations regarding the issue of preemptive war in Korea.

American surgical strike against North Korean missile and nuclear capability or even beyond that!!

Get the bad guy before he can get you!

1. "Preemptive Strike Or Preventive War?" by Williamson Murray // Strategika

2. "Preemptive Strikes and Preventive Wars: A Historian’s Perspective" by Barry Strauss // Strategika

3. "Calculating The Risk Of Preventive War" by Max Boot via // Strategika

1967 of course referring to the Israeli Operation Focus preemptive air strike on the Egyptian air force. That threat as perceived by the Israeli at that exact moment considered to be so great no other option available!

And the rest was history as they say!! Within the Korea context U.S. policy and decision makers must consider not only the threat as it applies to the United States but also as to Japan and South Korea [ROK]!

Remember too the North Korean NOT Arabs. Expect a much tougher, resilient and determined opponent.

And thank you Professor!


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