Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Year 2060.

This is coolbert:

Yet more extracts with some commentary from the J.R. Mooneyham Internet web site.

In this particular case the FUTURE of warfare in the year 2060  the topic.

"'Future War Technologies (of the 2060s)'  last updated on or about 2-6-02"

"2060s milestone: state-of-the-art war toys"

* "Though pestilence/pestX clouds were being used on a very limited scale as long ago as 30 years or more (and before that were depicted in many sci-fi entertainments), only recently have they become thoroughly familiar to and accepted as a fact-of-life by 'the man in the street' of the developed nations."


* "These locust-like clouds of death and destruction are today used by the advanced nations as the first wave of attack in war"

* "PestX clouds can penetrate almost anything short of heavily armored spacecraft or undersea vessels"

* "PestX clouds/carpets are typically composed of immense numbers of flea-sized/gnat-sized micro machines, that may fly, crawl, jump, or swim for mobility."

* "PestX technology has largely replaced elite covert military units of human beings."

* "Technology closely related to PestX also serves as something eerily akin to 'living skin' coating the exteriors of the most highly advanced aircraft/spacecraft of this time (mostly military craft)."

* "Other attributes of some war craft of this period (as well as commercial craft ruggedized to survive terrorism or peripheral involvement in military skirmishes) include cold plasma second skins of various sorts, serving a variety of purposes."

* "Super-cavitation technologies play an important role in many instances too today, including both commercial and military related transport and other devices."

* "The war machines of the developed nations have also better perfected their use of weather control over past decades."

* "Unfortunately for those who possess this new power, it is no longer as awesome to potential enemies as it might have been a half century or more earlier."

* "Virtually all submerged and airborne combat craft of the developed nations are either unmanned or remotely piloted."

 * "In major military actions still involving human participants on-site there are now two major categories of warrior involved (within the armed forces of the most advanced nations)"

* "First, 'hamburger' soldiers: soldiers equipped much like the elite of the 2030s, only with some updates of equipment and tactics (sometimes including a unit enjoying its own dedicated PestX carpet or cloud)."

* "Second are the 'dream-mare' soldiers: personnel essentially wearing considerably technologically advanced versions of circa 1998 Comanche helicopter/Abrams battle tanks, or other armament functionality as appropriate to the mission and environment."

* "For the vast majority of military personnel throughout the world, life has never been better."

* "On a somewhat related matter: USAmerican politicians and their military industrial complex 'sugar-daddies' . . . constantly cast about for new ideas to increase military or security budgets again, and so refill their private coffers."

* "Another reason military forces have been steadily downsizing is the emphasis many geo-physicals place on 'focused solutions' today; that is, the specific targeting of troublesome individuals and/or organizations to solve many problems"

* "Too, much actual conflict these days is of a cyber or economic nature, rather than physical."

* "The space battlefield of the 2060s. There's also space borne military operations to worry about."

To an extent already and as previously been mentioned PestX technology in the works and even tested. Swarms of micro-drones for battlefield use only now in the embryonic stage of development [?] but easily understood as being representative of the future.

See the You Tube video of a type of PestX technology at work. Impressive.


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