Saturday, July 29, 2017


This is coolbert:

Here two examples of adventure tourism with a military dimension.

Living history so to speak, the Second World War missions of the Long-Range Desert Group [LRDG] and the Jaywick raiders [Z Force] seventy years later!!


Our two 1943 Jeeps will land in Alexandria Port to embark on a 13 day adventure, covering about 1200 miles of pure desert driving. From Cairo, southwest to Ain Della, then on as far south as Gilf el Kebir, ‘8 Bells’, then back north, through the Great Sand Sea to ‘Big Cairn’, and on to Siwa, for so long the base of the LRDG. We shall end the tour with celebratory cocktails in The Cecil Hotel at ‘Monty’s Bar’, little changed since the LRDG celebrated there after their own trips.

For two weeks we actually did re-enact many of the daring escapades of the legendary Long Range Desert Group in a pair of original World War Two Jeeps.


"Often known as Z Force, a joint Australian, British and New Zealand Commando Unit, which saw action against the Japanese during World War II. Z Special Unit carried out 284 covert operations in the South West Pacific Theatre. The most well-known of these are, a Kayak Raid on Singapore Harbour called Operation Jaywick and the subsequent Operation Rimau, in which all 23 participants were either killed in action or executed. This adventure reenacts the kayak assault of the harbour and will take a minimum of 8 and maximum of 14 participants."

Evidence of time travel in the year 2017? Z force kayak teams during training for a Jaywick raid make an appearance by a mechanism not yet explained by modern science? Of course it is not so but I might like to think it is so! Call me crazy if you want!

Persons comprising the Executive Excellence team [run the kayak tour] their bona fides quite impressive:

"Executive Excellence (EE) is a team of professionals with backgrounds in the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), Commandos, Health and Fitness, Medical Corps and Learning and Development".

This is the sort of thing I would like to do. If I had the money. If I had my health. If I was not so old. IF!


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