Thursday, July 6, 2017

Atomic Barge.

This is coolbert:

NOT the first of its kind!

The first Soviet/Russian floating nuclear power-station. YES! But not the first of its kind!

From Sputnik originally reported one year ago [2016]. Such a power-station have an obvious military application. True!

"Cutting-Edge Russian Floating Nuclear Power Station Undergoes Mooring Tests"

"The first of its kind floating nuclear power station, Akademik Lomonosov, developed by Rosatom started mooring tests on Friday . . . tests will be held at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg, according to the press service of the Rosatom Corporation. Akademik Lomonosov has a length of 144 meters and width of 30 meters. It has a displacement of 21,500 tons and a capacity of 69 people as crew members. For power generation, it has two modified KLT-40 naval propulsion reactors together providing up to 70 MW of electricity or 300 MW of heat."

This atomic barge however NOT NECESSARILY THE FIRST OF A KIND!

During that period of the Cold War the U.S. Army also having the atomic barge. Those personnel the operators having the highest variable-reenlistment-bonus [VRB] multiplier of any MOS in the army.

Furthermore regarding the power station thanks to the story from the Financial Express and the tip from Captain Al this event as occurred only yesterday:

"Fire breaks out on floating nuclear plant at Russia shipyard"

"Russia's emergency services ministry says a fire broke out on the floating nuclear power plant being built at a shipyard near the center of St Petersburg, but was extinguished before anyone was injured."

These barges with power station to be deployed where ever needed. Primarily the Russian Far East? Military application obvious?


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