Friday, June 9, 2017


This is coolbert:

The American military man behaving badly.

As reported by the Russian Internet web site Sputnik and as evidently carried by the American military newspaper "Stars and Stripes".

"Busted! US Soldiers Caught with $12M Worth of Crystal Meth in South Korea"

"South Korean prosecutors allege that two American troops stationed in the country smuggled nine pounds worth of methamphetamine from California using the Army’s postal service."

"Two South Korean nationals have also been detained, the law enforcement office said. The operation may also implicate four South Koreans with family members living in the US, Stars and Stripes reported."

This was a new one on me. Drugs as used by American military personnel located "over seas" usually provided by the local nationals [as they are referred to].

In this particular instance American military personnel supplying drugs to the local nationals.

Speed or amphetamines ADDICTIVE. Crystal meth even more so!


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