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The French general officer Charles Mangin during his long and illustrious career having advocated the promoted the enlistment of African troops to the French colonial army seems to have been highly [??] influenced by the experience of the British military in India during that period to the Raj.

Recruitment of native personnel into the British Indian army predicated by the belief that some nationalities, ethnic groups and "races" for whatever combination of reasons just make for better soldiers.

This is referred to as Martial Race Theory!

"martial - - adjective 1.inclined or disposed to war; warlike: 2. of, suitable for, or associated with war or the armed forces: 3. characteristic of or befitting a warrior"

Martial Races.

"Theory of The notion of 'martial races' was formally developed and codified in the wake of the Indian Uprising of 1857 and became an important basis for the recruitment policy of the Indian Army. Constantly manipulated and adapted to changing political and military requirements, and utilizing racial, social and religious criteria"

"Martial race was a designation created by Army officials of British India after the Indian Rebellion of 1857, where they classified each caste into one of two categories, 'martial' and 'non-martial'. The ostensible reason was that a 'martial race' was typically brave and well-built for fighting, while the 'non-martial races' were those whom the British believed to be unfit for battle because of their sedentary lifestyles . . . The concept already had a precedent in Indian culture as one of the four orders (varnas) in the Vedic social system of Hinduism is known as the Kshatriya, literally 'warriors.'"

Charles Mangin greatly favoring a similar method of recruitment for French colonial troops based upon a similar criteria. Black African troops of the various French colonies their recruitment even PREFERRED!

"Mangin was very interested in the 'Force Jaune' ('Yellow Forces'), which was a project defended by French officers in Asia. Back in Africa in 1907, Mangin developed a project that rejected the segregationist U.S. army model but was inspired by the British colonial theories on 'martial races'. He also sought to make the project compatible with the French Republic"

Black African troops under French command their role in the Great War, World War Two and even the First Indo-China War quite good and undeniable.

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