Tuesday, June 6, 2017


This is coolbert:


Some satire and some seriousness mixed in the same blog entry.

As is appropriate for the date the topic is the Normandy Landings. D-Day. 1944.

First from You Tube as how the allied invasion would be reported in the modern manner.

1. "If D-Day Happened Today."

"Crisis on Omaha - How would the media react if D-Day happened today?"

Nothing going well, nothing going according to plan. All bad!!

This You Tube video very well done, almost does look real.

Further from an Internet web site further mockery of the modern main-stream-media.

2. "How Would the D-Day Invasion be Reported today?"

Again, all negativity not one good thing to report.

And also as was actually reported, heard by the general public and for contrast how the landings were presented in the media the actual day of the event [D-Day]. From British [BBC] and American [CBS] sources both.

3. "BBC Broadcast's D-Day News Bulletin"

4. "First CBS report of the D-Day Invasion - 03:00"

CBS reporting the invasion which was six hours [0900] ahead in French time.

Finally those messages directed to the French Resistance, the day of reckoning for the German was at hand, make ready, the allies are on the way. Liberation is at hand!

5. "BBC WWII French Resistance - The Dice are on the Carpet"

"John has a long mustache." And don't forget it either.

And it has not been.


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