Monday, June 12, 2017

Al Tanf.

This is coolbert:

As is pertinent to some prior blog entries and also as is reported from several days ago by the Russian media.

MoD = Ministry of Defense.

"BREAKING: Syrian Army Has Reached the Iraqi Border, Cutting off the Americans at al-Tanf -- Russian MoD"

"A major move to cut off the US in southern Syria from taking more territory"

"The Syrian Army has reached the Iraqi border, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense."

"While we don't have a lot of details yet, here's what we can say: this is a brilliant move if true. Not exactly a checkmate yet, but definitely a check on US ambitions in southern Syria."

. . . .

"Russians are saying it will be them and the Syrians -- rather than the Americans -- who will be advancing along the Iraqi border towards al-Bukamal (the major border crossing in the Euphrates valley coveted by the Pentagon)"

The Iranian if this report correct now having secured a land bridge through Iraq to Syria?

Al-Bukamal also a border crossing Iraq/Syria. NO road west to Palmyra but evidently an oil pipeline as of 1941?

See previous blog entries regarding these border crossings vicinity Syria/Iraq/Jordan:


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