Wednesday, June 14, 2017


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 From an advertisement as seen in a magazine:


"History is made and defined by landmark moments that irrevocably changed human civilization."

"The World Was Never the Same: Events that Changed History"

Taught by Professor J. Rufus Fears.

From the list of thirty-six significant events and "landmark moments" that changed history those with a military dimension or quasi-military dimension:

* Marathon - - Democracy Triumphant (490 B.C.)

* Caesar Crosses the Rubicon (49 B.C.)

* Constantine I Wins a Battle (A.D. 313)

* Mohammad Moves to Medina  _ The Hegira (A.D. 622)

* The Defeat of the Spanish Armada (1588)

* The Battle Vienna (1683)

* The Battle of Lexington (1775)

* General Pickett Leads a Charge (1863)

* The Archduke Makes a State Visit (1914)

* One Night in Petrograd (1917)

* Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany (1933)

* The Atomic Bomb is Dropped (1945)

* Mao Zedong Begins his Long March (1934)

* September 11, 2001

Ten historians would have compiled ten different lists? This is assured? Some commonality of agreement but not much? As to the significance and importance of these events and "landmarks" of history I leave it for the devoted reader to the blog to investigate further.


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