Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bill & Joe.

This is coolbert:

Once more and again quite regrettably so we are on the subject of the military veteran, the hero wannabee all the while performing honorable military service of which they could and should be proud but then making outrageous claims of heroism, awards and decoration, duty as described unfounded.

Historians both men quite eminent who should have studied history better!


1. "Special Report: Stolen Valor: The Fake History From a Real Historian That Fooled Presidents and Publishers"

That article as seen in the Spectator by DANIEL J. FLYNN, R. EMMETT TYRRELL, JR. thanks to the tip from Nick.

"The reputation of the famed writer and Marine William Manchester takes a sad hit this Memorial Day [2017]."

As claimed [William]:

"[he was] valedictorian at the University of Massachusetts. He received the Navy Cross, the Silver Star, and two Purple Hearts for his time as a marine.”

The truth being:

"He did not serve as valedictorian at the University of Massachusetts. He did not win the Navy Cross. He did not rate a Silver Star. He did not receive two Purple Hearts."

Did not, did not, did not!!

Undeniably William a combat veteran and having seen honorable service under arduous and dangerous circumstances. Awards and decorations however not as claimed.

2. Joseph John Ellis.

"Joseph John Ellis . . . is an American historian and professor whose work focuses on the lives and times of the founders of the United States of America."

As found at the wiki entry: "False claims of combat service and anti-war leadership".

"In June 2001 the Boston Globe revealed that Ellis had lied to his students in lectures and to the media about his role in American culture and the Vietnam War years. He claimed to have been a combat platoon leader in Vietnam, to have been active in civil rights campaigns in the south, and to have been an anti-war leader at Yale. His actual military record consisted of obtaining a graduate student deferral of service until 1969 and then teaching history at West Point until 1972."

Did not, did not, did not!!

Bill and Joe both their military service honorable. Neither man had to embellish or fabricate nonsense. But they did and much to their discredit. The penalty to reputation severe.


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