Friday, June 9, 2017


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"Live for Now."™

From the archives of Sharkhunters an item of interest:

"Those of us old enough to remember the goings on with the Soviet Union remember that back then, Pepsi Cola™ (PepsiCo) and the Soviet Union reached agreement that Pepsi would have the franchise for the entire Soviet Union for distribution of their products . . . All the news sources were busily reporting on all these news bit that nobody thought to ask how they were going to pay for the billions of dollars of product, support, advertising, etc. since the Soviet Union had no hard currency and could not get the USD dollars [$] then needed to buy Pepsi™ or anything else from the West."

"Decommissioned submarines became the coin of the realm! That is correct - - in a story uncovered by Sharkhunters, it was leaned that the Soviet Union was paying for Pepsi™ products with submariners. A Whiskey class submarine, delivered to a Swedish breaker yard was worth $200,000 [USD] in Exchange. The many Whiskey class boats went to the breaker yards in Sweden to be converted into cash then into Pepsi™. PepsiCo™ denied this until we told them we received the news directly from a PepsiCo™ executive so there is no question  this was [not] taking place."

The comrades became ardent capitalists and used submarines to do so.

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