Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Korean War 2.

This is coolbert:

Thanks to the English tabloid The Sun we have an image that caught my attention instantly. From only this last April the North Korean conducting a live-fire artillery exercise on an almost apocalyptic scale. Incredible that word most apropos.

"KIM AND HAVE A GO Incredible images show hundreds of artillery guns unleashing hell in North Korea’s biggest ever live-fire exercise just hours after US and South Korea’s own apocalyptic practice run"

"Opposing sides in potential 'Korean War 2' stage war games with helicopter gunships, abseiling commandos, tanks and a lethal array of firepower"

Massed artillery of the North Korean as arrayed in a manner almost unthinkable. Those self-propelled [SP] guns closest to the waters edge appear to be the 170 mm Koksan gun. Ranks to the right a mix of 152 mm and 130 mm self-propelled guns it is hard to tell with any certainty An assemblage of firepower that does startle and cannot fail to impress.

See a "Sea of Flames" Internet article that elaborates on the threat of North Korean artillery and the danger as posed to United Nations command and even more so to South Korean civilians in particular.


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