Sunday, December 4, 2016


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As extracted from the Internet web site "The National Interest" article by Loren B. Thompson.

American aircraft carriers the criticism of same being 1. Too expensive. 2. Too vulnerable.

Here with a different perspective in response to # 2. AMERICAN AIRCRAFT CARRIERS NOT SO EXCEEDING VULNERABLE?

"Five Reasons U.S. Aircraft Carriers Are Nearly Impossible To Sink"

In the nutshell:

1. "Large-deck carriers are fast and resilient."

2. "Carrier defenses are formidable."

3. "Carriers do not operate alone."

4. "Navy tactics maximize survivability."

5. "New technology is bolstering carrier defense."

My instantaneous thought and reaction upon reading the article by Mr. Thompson was the 1967 USS FORRESTAL FIRE!! Accidental discharge of a Zuni rocket causing sympathetic explosions and fire of an almost catastrophic nature aboard the American aircraft carrier, the result a massive loss of life AND THE POSSIBILITY EXISTING OF FURTHER DAMAGE PLACING THE ENTIRE VESSEL IN DANGER OF FOUNDERING AND SINKING!

Cost of an aircraft carrier also NOT seen as a significant, the uninitiated lay observe not cognizant of all pertinent factors! Read it for yourself!

Devoted readers to the blog make your own appreciations!!


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