Friday, December 2, 2016


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Gladio CIA style!

Sweden and Finland [?] too during that period of the Cold War having stay-behind Gladio units BUT AS ORGANIZED AND SUPPORTED BY THE AMERICAN CIA!! Sub rosa not done under NATO auspices. CIA secret measures known by the code name [?] of Absalon.

As seen at the wiki from the memoirs of William Colby:

"'The situation in each Scandinavian country was different. Norway and Denmark were NATO allies, Sweden held to the neutrality that had taken her through Two World Wars, and Finland [was] required to defer in its foreign policy to the Soviet power directly on its borders. Thus, in one set of these countries the governments themselves would build their own stay-behind nets, counting on activating them from exile to carry on the struggle. These nets had to be coordinated with NATO's plans, their radios had to be hooked to a future exile location, and the specialized equipment had to be secured from CIA and secretly cached in snowy hideouts for later use. In other set of countries, CIA would have to do the job alone or with, at best, 'unofficial' local help, since the politics of those governments barred them from collaborating with NATO, and any exposure would arouse immediate protest from the local Communist press, Soviet diplomats and loyal Scandinavians who hoped that neutrality or nonalignment would allow them to slip through a World War III unharmed.'" - - W. Colby.

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