Tuesday, December 13, 2016


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As seen at Sputnik an indication the American military intends to ramp up military confrontation with the Russians?

"US Poised to 'Tear Up' Montreux Convention and Keep Its Fleet in Black Sea"

"The length of time that US ships patrol the Black Sea could be extended from the current operating level of about four months . . . The US is thus sending a message to Europe that it could augment its naval presence in the Black Sea . . . In keeping with the 1936 Montreux Convention, US naval ships cannot stay in the Black Sea more than 21 days, but it looks like the Pentagon could disregard these limitations."

Those nations bordering the Black Sea not constrained in their naval activities and including NATO members, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania. Other nations not having a border contiguous to the Black Sea having to adhere to the 1936 Montreux Convention.

"A Primer On The Montreux Convention"

The Non Black Sea Countries:

* "cannot pass warships solely designed to carry airplanes through Turkish Straits"
* "cannot pass submarines".
* "can pass warships, but the aggregate displacement of the foreign warships in the Black Sea may not exceed 45.000 tons"
* "cannot hold their ships in the Black Sea longer than 21 days".
* "cannot have more than 9 ships in the Black Sea at the same time"
* "can pass their warships through Turkish Straits by notifying Turkey through diplomatic channels 15 days before the passage.:

Adhering to the Convention and STILL having a STRONGER American naval presence in the Black Sea is entirely do-able without violating the provisions and protocols as understood. NO ONE ship can stay longer than twenty-one days. Ships can be scheduled for rotation and total numbers on operations at any given moment not diminished? So it seems from a casual reading of the Convention!



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