Saturday, December 31, 2016

Kuznetsov Syria.

This is coolbert:

From several sources "reasons" as to why the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov NOT presently deploying organic warplanes for combat operations in Syria.

1. "Key Reason Why Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov Does Not Take Part in Aleppo Operation"

"The Admiral Kuznetsov-led aircraft carrier group has 'deliberately' refrained from participating in an operation to free eastern Aleppo, the Chinese newspaper People's Daily asserted, saying that Russia does not want its strikes to inflict civilian casualties."

"'Russia is not interested in carrying out a large-scale campaign in Aleppo, since massive airstrikes could lead to massive civilian casualties. For its part, extremist groups and anti-Russian forces could use them to their own benefit, which will have opposite political and social implications,'" - - People's Daily.

2. "NATO General Explains Why Admiral Kuznetsov's Deployment is Not a 'Hostile' Move"

"Russia has caused a stir among some Western leaders with its decision to send an aircraft carrier group to the Syrian coast, but Czech Army General Petr Pavel, the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, told Le Monde that the deployment should not be viewed as a 'hostile' step since Moscow does not want to tarnish its global image."

"'Russia's military capabilities, as well as the country's military presence have constantly increased,' General Pavel said, urging to 'look beyond' these developments. 'Russia wants to demonstrate that it possesses military power that must be respected and that serves a foreign policy purpose – to return to the international arena.'" - - Petr Pavel.

NO! Having lost two combat aircraft as launched from the Kuznetsov in a short period and the general state of the warship apparently in poor shape and additionally THE RUSSIAN NOT EXPERIENCED AT SUSTAINED AND HIGH TEMPO CARRIER OPERATIONS better to cut your losses while you can!

See previous blog entry the Russian air wing aboard Kuznetsov unable to conduct "sustained and high tempo" carrier operations:


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