Tuesday, May 8, 2012


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Thanks once more from NewsFeed we have some info on the Chinese terra-cotta army as was found buried from over two thousand years ago, guarding the burial chamber of the Chin Emperor.

Some of those terra-cotta soldiers now on tour and display in America.

"5 Things You Didn’t Know About China’s Terra-Cotta Army"

"Relics from the legendary Chinese archaeological site are now on display in New York. Here's what you need to know."

Terra-cotta statues mass produced but still individualized?

"the Qin dynasty project held all the problems of production on a mass scale. Tens of thousands of individual human and animal statues were manufactured within a series of processes that began with the molding of solid legs."

"It was by constructing each of the hollow statues upon solid legs that the Ancient Chinese craftsemen solved the perplexing problem of how to make a statue free-standing. Hollow heads, arms and legs, made of coiled earth, were joined together with strips of clay and set upon the solid legs. After this rough model was assembled, a fine clay slip was added, and details such as eyes, mouth, nose and details of dress were carved into the clay while it was still pliable. Additional pieces such as ears, beard and armour were modeled separately and attached, after which the whole figure was fired at a high temperature."

My understanding has been that this divisional sized "army" of terra-cotta soldiers were NOT a standardized generic and stylized statue but each and everyone molded and sculpted to resemble a real live soldier each and every model different. Indeed these figures as represented probably the real body guard of the Chinese emperor, at least the facial aspects of each statue the features of a real live person, a soldier in the retinue of the palace guard, an INDIVIDUAL!!

ONLY a portion of the entire burial mound having been excavated, the actual tomb of the Chin Emperor yet to be found, more amazing stuff to follow I am sure.


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