Tuesday, May 8, 2012


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Here with the story thanks to NewsFeed of buried treasure both literally and figuratively so:

"Buried Treasure: World War II Spitfires to Be Unearthed in Burma"

"Paging Indiana Jones: a British farmer's 15-year quest to find a squadron of legendary fighter planes buried in a far-off land has finally paid off"

"Buried planes? It sounds odd, but in fact this was fairly common toward the end of the war"

Found! An entire squadron of British World War Two [WW2] Spitfire combat fighter planes found buried in Burma. Planes buried as was the customary and quite common disposal technique in the aftermath of the war.

These Spitfires from the era of WW2 IF AND WHEN possible to be restored to flying condition, NOT replica airplanes but the originals, each and everyone worth a fortune. ONLY a handful of such war planes of the various types and versions as used by the combatants of the period still in existence and in FLY-ABLE CONDITION. [some aircraft such as the famous Mosquito NOT ONE flying original in service period!]

Restored WW2 warplanes not only rare and expensive but in addition doubling in value each year!

Dismantling and burying a common disposal technique as previously stated. My understanding is that there was/is a facility located in the USA [Indiana] where there are miles-long trenches containing the remains of American WW2 war planes cut into segments and buried, right wing in one trench, left wing in another trench, tail assembly in yet another trench, etc. Aircraft of all types and varieties segmented and discarded, not of value to anyone at the time.

Indiana Jones indeed would be interested in Indiana!


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